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The KotoriCon 2016  Schedule. It is updated if sessions are cnacelled or changed.
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Blackwood, NJ
I have 5 Tumblr blogs, am in a happy relationship with my boyfriend, Mat, and am a lover of food. I like helping my friends and making new ones along the way. My Street Pass name is Roni and you'll probably see me with the bird nest on my head.

I recommend going to Knotz Your Everyday Dubbing. I did it in Derpy Con and it was SO FUN!

If I'm not walking around, you'll probably find me guarding a door.

Things I can talk about: Steven Universe, Vocaloid, Animal Crossing, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Amnesia Memories, Mystic Messenger, Seduce Me the Otome (and The Demon War), Yandere Simulator, Naruto, Skip Beat, Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, Space Dandy, Hunie Pop, and many more!