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Abraham Klein

Philadelphia, PA
I've been paneling since Zenkaikon 2013 when I first unveiled "eating well and cheap at anime cons", and since then I have been striving to design more panels on the subject of improving the convention community and culture. To that end, I have added my panel "understanding and dealing with con drama" to my repertoire, and plan to create more in the future. Got ideas of panels you want to see on the subject of convention culture? Please tell me! I want to hear your ideas! Also, if you have feedback on my panels (things you liked, didn't like, and ways I could improve them) please tell me!

Aside from that I'm a congoer since Zenkaikon 2006 and a cosplayer since Zenkaikon 2007, and I attend many other cons and panel wherever I can. I am also in the process of building an artist alley business of designing and selling colognes/perfumes based on characters in anime, video games, comics, and nerd media as a whole. Interested in interesting smells? Let me know; I'm always looking for peoples' opinions on my work!